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  It is with great privilege to have worked with this artist these last several months. M.E. is a very talented artist. She carries the ability to see beyond the ordinary, creating art that implicitly depicts a story that only your most vivid dreams could produce. Her level of imagination is unreachable and her abilities to capture every detail makes her work all the more real. She is the only artist I would ever trust to portray the world that I have dreamed about for so long. I am beyond words to describe just how accurately she captured it. She truly brought The Realm of Santinevar to life. Now the world can truly see it as it precisely is. I am forever grateful.  To purchase artwork or check out the artist of the book cover for the novel Arwen: Hollow Mountain, (Volume 1) click the photo.  

To purchase exclusive Arwen artwork visit: M.E. 

About the Author

A. Sauter

   I have spent my whole life in Florida. Born and raised in Brevard County, I'm what most people here call a rarity because most people who reside in Florida are not native to the state. Growing up, I spent a lot of time taking long bike rides and exploring the woods with my two younger sisters. There isn't a memory of my younger childhood that doesn't involve building a fort or exploring new areas on my bicycle.  For my freshman year, I attended Melbourne High School but only for a brief time. Shortly after 9-11, I transferred to Bayside High School. Throughout both junior high and high school I remained dedicated to the Performing Arts. Acting was my first love. I took part in many competitions and school plays and it is still something I would love to have the opportunity to do.   By 2009 I was a mother of two boys and not having an education or specialized skill proved to be a huge burden financially. Later that year, I obtained my Certified Nursing Assistant certification and worked in a variety of clinical settings. I've worked in long term care, hospital settings, and assisted living facilities. I enjoyed that career very much and still do. I have had the pleasure of meeting extraordinary people who come from all different walks of life. I've learned that no matter what life a person has had, everyone wanted the same thing. A family, a lover, laughter, happiness, and above all, no regrets.  Eventually, I decided to look into a new career path still within the medical field. I chose nursing because it seemed to be the right choice. Transitioning from CNA to RN was a normal and common career move. However, as fate would have it, I didn't get accepted. I sought out another path and found Nuclear Medicine.  A very rigorous and long two years finally came to a pause for a three week winter break. Three weeks of winter vacation gave me the time to get away and the opportunity to write. During those three weeks, Arwen was born. I spent the next three months finishing school and graduated from Keiser University with my AS in Nuclear Medicine Technology.   Now, with my degree in hand, my first novel completed, a nothing but time on my hands and opportunities in front of me...I guess I get to see what I am capable of doing next.